Bo Leg's BBQ in North Miami: Jerk Chicken Special For $5

Cruising down West Dixie Highway in North Miami, you can smell the smoky aroma of barbecue. Roll down the window and your nose will lead you straight to Bo Leg's BBQ at its new location. (It moved there a few months ago.)

At this restaurant, choose from offerings like barbecued ribs, jerk chicken, smoked turkey, smoked brisket, and chicken souse. According to the chatty lady at the counter, chicken is the weekday must-order item. Ribs are for the weekend.

The weekday lunch special features half a chicken for just $5. We had the hot jerk chicken (you can request it mild) sandwiched between thick slices of white bread. The bread on the bottom is soaked with the meat juices and sauce. The top slice is a barrier that keeps your hands smoke-free.

The rib dinner ($12) comes with two sides. Choose from collard greens, baked beans, baked potato, corn, seasoned rice, rice and peas, macaroni and cheese, and roasted sweet potato.

The macaroni and cheese is delicious, with a slight tanginess thanks to some Muenster cheese. It has a kick of black pepper too.

One of the best parts about Bo Leg's is it's a family business. Here, you feel like you're part of that family.

While you wait for your food, you can chat with the woman behind the counter. If you're lucky, she'll ask you many personal questions. (In past visits, I've discussed my age, marital status, holiday plans, whether my mom is pressuring me to have children, and so much more.)

When your food is ready, she'll open the box of barbecue, and the scent of smoke will fill the air. She'll ask if you want sauce. Always say yes -- these are some very special sauces.

There's a homemade barbecue sauce and a tangy honey mustard variety. You hand her your choice and she drizzles it on top. Your job is to tell her when to stop.

You might get messy eating this meal. The scent lingers indefinitely on your fingers, which is a good thing.

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