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Blue Collar to Raise $5,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness Tonight

Danny Serfer is no stranger to breast cancer. "My mother died 11 years ago this month," he says.

With a mission to raise awareness, he's teamed up with Cobaya founders to host a one-night-only Pink Collar dinner featuring the best caviar, the best stone crabs, and the best truffles (which were plucked from the ground two days ago, by the way) that money can buy.

"This is a serious disease and I'm completely serious about supporting the cause," he told Short Order last year.

Tonight's dinner menu at Blue Collar is the ultimate in luxury, and "all proceeds will go to Susan G. Komen Foundation for research."

Each dish is expertly paired with glass of wine, with the exception of one beer for the third (out of eight) course. Attendees will start with hors d'oeuvres of Kumamoto oysters; 'scrambled eggs 'n toast' with Beluga caviar; stone crab roll on mini Portuguese muffins; next come the white Alba truffles that guests will consume merely four days after they've been dug up and shipped from Italy; chilled Maine lobster; roasted prime rib of beef with jus; fried cookies and Dr. Better soda for dessert; hidden rose apples will end the meal.

"All the dishes here are takes on what were my mother's favorite things to eat," Serfer says.

And with a sold-out dining room at $155 per person, he's bound to raise the change and meet his goal.

You'll recall last year Serfer turned the Blue Collar signage outside of his restaurant to pink in memoriam of his mother. The sign stayed up for at least six months before it was changed back to its namesake blue hue.

Serfer hopes this dinner will be just as memorable, if not for the menu itself than for the five to six grand he's hoping to throw in the face of cancer.

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