Best Places to Get Barbecue Take-Out on Labor Day

After a laborious 365 days, we owe it to ourselves to let loose this Labor Day.

In the spirit of making things the least laborious possible (it is called Labor Day for a reason), we've compiled a list of places where you can call in and pick up your Q.

Think of it as Labor Day drive-thru.

Shorty's Bar-B-Q
The lunch menu will be off limits on Labor Day but everything else is yours for the taking. Call a few days ahead if you're looking to pick up a large order. ($55.99 for a spare rib platter for four.)

Uncle Tom's Barbecue
Spice up your barbecue plans with a little sazon de calle ocho, no? This is Miami, after all. Hunker down for some of the best Argentine-inspired mixed grill or just go with your regular barbecue ribs. They're not too sweet. (25 bucks for a rack.)

Mad Man Jack's Bar-B-Q
Carolina barbecue with a Miami spin! What could possibly be sweeter? Instead of traditional ribs, don't fright from barbecue sandwiches this Labor Day. They're huge, and delicious, and come with a whopping side of seasoned fries. But if it's the ribs you want, well hot damn, partner, you go on and get some of them, too. ($25 for a full rack.)

Sparky's Roadside Barbecue
It's said the brisket sandwich is the food of the gods. We don't know about gods, but if it's good enough for them, it's damn sure to be good enough for us. Expect the flavors of hickory and apple wood to pop on your palate. There's homemade coleslaw and baked beans with sugar-cumin seasoning. Who says no to that? (Full rack $21.99.)

Bulldog Barbecue
Top Chef runner-up Howie Kleinberg evidently knows his 'cue. There's plenty pulled pork to share with family and guests. And surely they'll love the sweet and vinagary tang. (Full rack $21.)

People's Bar-B-Q
The place most still don't know about, despite all of its awards and accolades, has some of the best 'cue in town. No Labor Day specials are on deck, but regular day-to-day People's barbecue is just fine. P.S.: Get in on that corn bread. (Full slab with two large sides, four muffins, $23.)

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