Best Miami Eats and Drinks This Weekend

Friday is here! And thank goodness because right around Wednesday, this week was starting to get intolerable.

Luckily, though, we have some downtime ahead of us.

And what better way to spend that downtime (away from bosses, and memos, and meetings, and that God-awful worthless copy machine) than with a little food and drink?

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We have a fun list of the best things to eat and drink this weekend -- including a special suggestion for all of you Phin fans (that is, if there are any of you left out there... Bueller?)


Happy Hour at Area 31: No, no... this is not the area where the government is not-so-secretly keeping aliens hostage. But hopefully you already knew that. Area 31 has a fab spread of bites and libations to round out your Friday. From 5 to 10pm, expect rock shrimp ceviche ($6), lomo and chorizo ($9), and a few other bites of the nature. In the libation department, sip (or chug, whatever you fancy) on $5 feature cocktails of the night, red and white wines, beer specials, well drinks, and Prosecco.

Miami Spice: (Almost) last call! This is the last full week of Miami Spice so you best be checking those restaurants off your list before regular prices go up again. There's no way you've visited all 64 places with a week to spare, so hop to it! Edibles await!


Tailgate32: Nothing quite like a football to get you in the mood for burgers and beers. At Tailgate32, you'll meet to brothers who are die-hard tailgaters. They want to talk to you, and show you what it's all about. That is, if you don't already know.


Gospel Brunch: Drags for Jesus, step forth with your flowing weave, because the ladies at Lips want to welcome you for brunch this Sunday. Step into their humble abode (no doubt donning your finest heels) and work that imaginary runway and you eat your (slim and trim) bellies full and enjoy their show.

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