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At Casola's Pizza, Size Does Matter: Massive Slices and Enormous Wings

You don't know pizza slices until you know Casola's. The pizza -- and also the wings at this open-late spot are mouth-dropping and beyond massive.

The whole set-up is familiar: stand-up to order, pick toppings for your slice, and sit down to await your number.But when I went recently, on a Sunday, it wasn't the usual late night drunks around me. It was people dressed in their finest church attire.

Like the other cohort the Sunday visitors sometimes mistakenly order two slices of pizza, which really means four enormous slices spread across two trays. At just over $4 a slice, it is an affordable mistake and one that makes for great leftovers. If you can take on two slices in one seating, you're my hero.

One gentleman was overwhelmed by his two 'shroom slices. They were too much to handle and he felt like a schmuck for not understanding the simple rules: food is huge at Casola's

The wings, too, are a vital pit stop on the menu traveling journey. The chickens that produced them must have the wing span of a condor.($8.49 for six).

So if you have enjoyed Casola's late at night and perhaps sloshed, try it sober in daylight and you will be in awe of its full ginormous glory.

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Carina Ost