AriZona Iced Tea is From New York, Not Arizona

It was reported by The Daily News this week that in response to the controversial Arizona immigration law, an initiative was started on the Internet asking people to boycott the AriZona Beverage Co., makers of AriZona Iced Tea and juices. Thing is, the company has been based in Woodbury, 20 miles east of New York City, since it was started in 1992 by two guys from Brooklyn.

Comedian George Lopez joked on Twitter that he "went to buy a AriZona Iced Tea - they asked me for my documentation. So I bought HORCHATA instead!" His joke was repeated so often on Twitter the tea brand became a trending topic.

The same Internet Einsteins who called for the AriZona Tea snub might also

consider boycotting Grey Goose Vodka as a protest against the

mistreatment of geese in the making of foie gras. Actual Arizona firms that face a boycott: Cold Stone Creamery, Dial soap, PF Chang's, Fender guitars, U-Haul, Go Daddy, Sky Mall, US Airways and Best Western.

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