Anthony Bourdain Tweets His Own Naked Pictures

TMZ has leaked some naked pictures of Anthony Bourdain. No, they're not full-frontal, and no you really can't see junk or ass (there's a big red star over any interesting parts).

The photos, taken a few years ago, show Bourdain and his then sous chef in some pool in the Caribbean, lounging bare-assed on floats, drinks in hand. Not exactly the stuff scandals are made of.

In fact, we've seen Bourdain nude before. In 2007, Tony posed nude with a bone (yes, a bone, not what you're thinking) for Melanie Dunea's book My Last Supper.

A year later, the Travel Channel placed ads in several magazines showing Tony's naked torso while swimming in Iceland.

So, what's the real story here? In true Anthony Bourdain fashion, the

celebrity chef himself has tweeted the picture on TMZ. Bourdain has also

claimed in his tweets that the pics were from 12 years ago and were

"old prints. Must have been stolen. Dismaying cause had to be a


Bourdain, on a roll,also tweets:

"@ericripert if you recall, you and @ruthbourdain were drinking Mai Tais in the cabana."

"Drunk, naked, and in a pool. This is TMZ material? However, I am

wondering how pictures your wife took are being leaked now?". Stolen."

"Please God, I hope the water was warm that day."

By the way, here's the picture Tony tweeted for all the world to see, giant red star and all:

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