All Up in Our Grills: VendrTV Rolls into Miami for Spring 2010 Road Trip

Pods, carts, trailers, and trucks. If your meal isn't served on asphalt these days, is it even worth eating?

With South Florida's growing street food scene now garnering national attention, it should be no surprise that VendrTV will make a stop in The Magic City on its Spring 2010 Road Trip. The insatiable crew, with founder Daniel Delaney in the driver's seat, is traveling southeast to film new webisodes of the weekly Internet series on America's diverse curbside cuisine and the cartivores that devour it. New episodes post Wednesdays (your author is a contributor.)

The shoot schedule, revealed in advance to New Times, features Saturday (3/20) afternoon at Ingrid Hoffmann's Latin Burger and Taco Truck, Sunday (3/21) night at Fat Man's Bar-B-Que, and Monday (3/22) at Chef Jeremiah's GastroPod.  A couple more vendors will be added to the website line-up as they are locked in, possibly including a trip to the Everglades .

Delaney studied fine arts in Philadelphia before his entrepreneurial spirit took over and transformed a thesis on design and vending into an Internet start-up. Launched in February 2009, VendrTV has since acquired thousands of dedicated viewers, streamlined production, and improved video quality to the point that CBS News took notice. A book is now in the works.

So what's whetting Delaney's appetite as he juggles editing, producing, and hosting duties in our neck of the woods?

"The food of course! Most specifically PORK! It is of course the best ingredient in the world, and if one place can cook it right, it's Miami!"

All shoots are open to the public, so swing on by to say hello and ham it up for their fancy EX1 camera. If you are otherwise consumed, follow @danieldelaney on Twitter.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.