AeroShot Gets You Moving: Get a Free Sample!

You want to get that instant high anytime, anywhere? AeroShots

are in the "pre-launch" phase right now and will hit the ground running,

on college campuses in New York City and Boston, in early 2012. They are about the

size of your Burt's Bees lip balm, but come in a sleek, grey plastic tube. You can get your free shot by

reading this blog and following the instructions below.

AeroShot Pure Energy is an airborne hit of 100mg of caffeine

(about as much as a cup of coffee) mixed with B vitamins. It's a powder that is

quickly absorbed in your mouth as you open the tube and inhale (insert drug

related inhaling joke here). "It's small, light, fast-acting and, unlike liquids, it can

truly go anywhere regardless of heat, cold, or TSA regulations," claims the


The breathable shot was invented by David Edwards, a biomedical

engineering professor at Harvard University. I received samples of the

zero-calorie stimulant in a tube and passed them out to some caffeine-addicted

friends. Urging them to take a break from Monster or coffee, and use the

AeroShot instead of their daily vice, I wanted to get opinions.

One guy spit it out and threw the AeroShot away, claiming

the lime-flavored taste was too bitter for his liking. Another guy coughed, hated

it at first, and now he's asking me where he can get more. The third

participant in the amateur study plugged along and rather enjoyed the high of his

complimentary AeroShot.

I was intrigued by the product and its effects.

Yes, the taste is a little bitter, but has a nice aftertaste from the stevia

herbal sweetener. You feel the effects of the caffeine within minutes. If you

use the whole thing in a short amount of time (three good puffs, or so), as I

did, then you're going to go through withdrawal as you come crashing down.

The first 25 who leave email addresses in the comments below, will receive a code that can be redeemed on

AeroShot's website for a free sample.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.