90. Pancakes at Sky Grille in Miami Tower

As we count down to New Times' Best of Miami 2011 in June, Short Order will serve up 100 of our favorite dishes in the 305 in random order. If you have any nominations of your own, please send them to cafe@miaminewtimes.com. After the jump, find our other choices.

90. Pancakes at Sky Grille in Miami Tower

Winners of this past year's Flapjack Flip-Off X, these moist, fluffy, finely crumbed flapjacks, and whatever other breakfast items you may wish to accessorize them with, come at bargain prices (the jacks are $1.29 per, and you decide what that per is, from a single one to your heart's seizure -- I mean content).

Java City coffee alongside packs a jolly wallop, and you can't beat the service. That's because you serve yourself at this cafeteria in the sky -- the 11th floor of the Miami Tower, to be precise, where Sky Grille has operated for years. Panoramic downtown vistas from the exceedingly spacious and comfortable room are unbeatable (unless, that is, you find a restaurant higher than the 11th floor), as is the sprawling outdoor patio among ponds and fronds.

100 Favorite Dishes:

91. Tuna Ceviche at Sushi Samba

92. BBQ Pork Roll at American Noodle Bar

93. Mandolin's Hand-Cut Fries

94. Joe Allen's Bourbon Bread Pudding
95. Lobster Roll at Joe's Stone Crab Takeaway
96. Brussels Sprouts at Sakaya Kitchen
97. Gandules en Escabeche from Raaga Cart

98. Pizza Genovese at Spris

99. Leek Soup at Buena Vista Deli

100. Dumplings at Chow Down Grill

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