50 Eggs, Chef Bee Twitter War: "Classic Bully Tactics," "Leave Him Bee"

Last week, a flame was ignited in the Miami restaurant world when 50 Eggs Restaurant Company LLC sued former Khong River House executive chef Piyarat Potha Arreeratn, better known as Chef Bee.

The lawsuit, filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court on August 27, alleges Chef Bee violated several agreements including a non-compete, and that Bee "did not know how to run a professional kitchen". Bee responded by saying 50 Eggs CEO John Kunkel "broke my trust" and that he cooked for 14 hours a day during his tenure at Khong.

Now, chefs are taking to Twitter to respond to the lawsuit.

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It started with Top Chef alum and former Swine Southern Table & Bar chef, Kenny Gilbert's Tweet:

The conversation was quickly joined by fellow Top Chef Kevin Sbraga and Gastropod's Jeremiah Bullfrog:

Jamie DeRosa of Tongue & Cheek tried to bring a little levity to the situation with a play on words, while chef Gilbert defended Bee's recipes:

Attorney/food blogger Chowfather offered his expertise as in-kitchen counsel:

Chef Bee, now at Oishi Thai, then added:

50 Eggs CEO John Kunkel joined in on the fray:

Miami.com's Lesley Abravanel added a Real Housewives reference, before Kenny Gilbert left us with this insightful comment:

It also seems like 50 Eggs is moving forward full-steam ahead with this call for resumes:

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