Where Were You the Last Time the Dolphins Won a Playoff Game?
Photo by Morgan Coleman

Where Were You the Last Time the Dolphins Won a Playoff Game?

It is now safe to say another mediocre Dolphins football season has successfully completed the circle of life that is NFL in Miami — from consumption to indigestion to eventual painful, horrid, regret-filled evacuation of the system. There was nothing special about the Dolphins' 24-14 loss to the Dallas Cowboys Sunday. It was just another lost Sunday in a stretch of lost Sundays spanning roughly the same timeline as the film Boyhood

But this latest annual Dolphins failure somehow found a way to cut even the numbest fans. This same team that is now 4-6 was supposed to take us at the very least into December thinking we had a chance at some actual NFL playoff excitement. Instead, the coach is gone, another first-round pick (DeVante Parker, this time) can't even sniff the field to find out if he stinks, and fans are once again arguing on Twitter about whether the quarterback sucks.

Some of the faces and names have changed, but the movie plot has not — the Dolphins are exactly like a Hangover movie. 

It's been 15 years since the Dolphins last won a playoff game. Lamar Smith was running back. The game wasn't even on TV locally. You probably bumped Eminem's The Real Slim Shady on the way to see Cast Away in the theaters the week before.

After the loss this past Sunday, we took to Twitter to ask people exactly what they were doing the last time the Miami Dolphins won a playoff game. The results were as depressing as you may have expected.

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