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Alpha Dog of the Week - George Rekers
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Video: Stephen Colbert Names George Rekers His 'Alpha Dog of the Week'

New Times'scoop on anti-gay leader George Rekers's

 European tryst with a gay hooker from Rentboy.com inspired its finest moment yet last night when Stephen Colbert crowned Rekers his "Alpha Dog of the Week."

Calling Rekers a "mastiff of masculinity," Colbert had a field day with Rekers's attempts at damage control. Rekers first claimed to have hired the escort to "carry his luggage."

"Technically, I believe he was looking for someone to hoist his sack," Colbert says.

Then on his Facebook page, Rekers claimed to be hanging out with the male prostitute in the spirit of Jesus, converting sinners, to which Colbert agreed that every good Christian should ask himself: "WBWJR?," or "What boy would Jesus rent?"

Colbert also shows Rentboy.com's homepage on-air -- as good a visual rejoinder as you'll find to Rekers's absurd excuses.

"They're all shirtless so you can see how big their muscles are for carrying luggage," Colbert explains. "And you can also see how good they are at grabbing and yanking things by the handle."

Hilarity! Congrats on the status as Alpha Dog of the Week, Mr. Rekers. You have earned it.

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