Univision Host Raul De Molina Almost Eaten by Lions After Mini Cooper Explodes in Africa

Miami-based Spanish media personality Raúl De Molina, host of Univision's popular El Gordo y la Flaca, has been in South Africa hosting World Cup coverage, but even Team USA's last-minute game-winning goal is far from the most exciting thing he's seen over there.

According to the New York Post, Molina took time off to go on a safari. His choice of car, a Mini Cooper, seemed more suited for urban adventures than trekking through South Africa's wilderness. The thing suddenly stopped and burst into flames, leaving Molina surrounded by lions.

"If I stayed in the car, I was going to die, and if I leave, then a lion would eat me. But because of the smoke, I had to get out. I thought someone would rescue me, but 30 minutes later, I was still waiting," he told the Post.

Molina had been told by a ranger that ten years earlier, a Chinese tourist got out of his car and was eaten alive by lions.

"Eventually, a family from Johannesburg drove up and told me to get in."

After being treated for smoke inhalation, Molina was back on the job later that week.

And to think, there is actually something in South Africa more perilous than enduring a nonstop vuvuzela assault. Maybe Molina should think about hosting a Spanish version of Man vs. Wild.

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