Tyler Hadley Was on Ecstasy When He Killed His Parents; Can MDMA Cause You to Kill?

A new druggy detail has emerged in the shocking case of Tyler Hadley, the Florida teen who killed his parents with a hammer over the weekend and then threw a party in their house: Hadley's best friend now tells the media that the teen claimed he was high on ecstasy when he bludgeoned his parents to death. Could the drug have led Hadley to commit murder?

Mike Mandell, 17-year-old Hadley's best friend, tells WPTV that Hadley admitted to killing his parents at the party and showed him their bodies. Hadley told him he was thinking of committing suicide, claimed to be possessed by the devil, and wanted to take a picture with his best friend because it might be the last time they saw each other. Mandell also claims that Hadley told him he had taken three ecstasy pill before murdering his parents.

Strange, considering MDMA usually causes feelings of euphoria, inner-peace, acceptance, and love in combination with a reduction in hostility and aggression. Hardly the emotional recipe for murder.

However, an overdose of the drug can lead to paranoia, anxiety, mania, and disorientation. There also seems to be no well-publicized previous case of ecstasy use being linked to the cause of a murder.

It's also possible that the pills Hadley took had been cut with another chemical. Though, Hadley may possibly have other mental problems, and it's useless to speculate on how that, combined with the effects of the drugs, lead to the crime.

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Kyle Munzenrieder