The Odd Tale of Florida QB Will Grier's Suspension

The Odd Tale of Florida QB Will Grier's Suspension

The Florida Gators turnaround from last year's mediocrity to this year's unbeaten streak of six games seemed almost too good to be true — and it might actually have been. Yesterday the school announced that its star freshman quarterback, Will Grier, had tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and could face suspension for a full year. 

Details are still being sketched out, but the story is already pretty bizarre. Grier reportedly gained 43 pounds in a single year and is part of a family who is shaping up to be something of the male-version of the Kardashians. Oh, also, Jose Conseco has somehow inserted himself in the story. 

1. No one knows exactly what PED Grier took. 
The Orlando Sentinel, citing anonymous sources, originally reported that Grier took a supplement called Ligandrol. The drug is available over the counter but is considered a banned performance-enhancing drug despite being quite popular in the body-building community. 

However, the University of Florida has refuted that the drug in question was actually Ligandrol and, citing student privacy laws, refuses to release what the drug actually was. 

Grier might not even be sure what he took. He claims he took an OTC supplement he didn't know contained a banned substance but didn't run the contents of the supplement by the Gators' medical staff. 

2. Whatever it was, it certainly seemed to work.
Grier arrived on campus as a 172-pound freshman. That's quite skinny for a 6'2" frame. Within a year, he had bulked up to 215 pounds and was named starting QB. Grier credited the weight gain to a body builder-like diet and lifting, but clearly there might have been more going into his body than just food. 

Grier's new frame certainly helped the Gators on the field, too. ABC News broke down the stats to show how important Grier has been to the Gators' turnaround: 

Of the 17 SEC quarterbacks who had at least 150 action plays last season, the Gators' tandem of Jeff Driskel and Treon Harris ranked 17th and 15th, respectively, in Total QBR. And even though Grier's current QBR ranking of eighth in the conference isn't outstanding, he was enough of an upgrade that the quarterback position was no longer a liability for Florida. That's a big deal when combined with a top-level defense

He's basically regarded as perhaps Florida's best QB since Tim Tebow. 

3. Grier gave a tearful apology but plans to appeal the suspension.

Grier's admittance to taking the supplement means that the Gators won't be able to appeal the suspension totally, but the team is widely expected to appeal the length of the suspension. They'll likely argue that Grier made a dumb mistake and wasn't actively trying to subvert NCAA rules. The best-case scenario is that perhaps Grier could return before the 2016 season. 

As it stands now, Grier would be suspended for an entire calendar year, meaning that he'd sit out the first six games of next season as well. 

4. Grier's brothers are the most famous teens you've never heard of.
Being the QB who returns the Florida Gators to glory can certainly net you a lot of fame — just ask Tim Tebow. However, Will Grier's star power is actually overshadowed by his two younger brothers. You just might not know that if you're, say, over the age of 28 and don't have apps like Vine and Snapchat downloaded on your phone.

Grier's 17-year-old brother Nash is the most followed person on Twitter's video app Vine. He posts "comedy" videos, but his rabid following has more to do with teenage girl's fantasies than his comedy chops. He's also since amassed millions of followers across other social media platforms as well. Nash is also moving into acting and his first starring role in a film called The Outfield is coming out this month. 

However, Nash also had his own share of controversy. An old, since-deleted Vine in which the teen jokes that HIV/AIDS is a "fag" disease still continues to haunt him, and a video in which he and other Vine stars critique girls' bodies on which characteristics they find most appealing also caused backlash. 

When you match your floor it's a good day

A photo posted by @nashgrier on

But Nash isn't the only teen heartthrob in the family. The youngest brother, Hayes, has also found fame online, and, without the controversy that surrounds his brother, has had an easier time getting mainstream gigs. He's actually competing this season on Dancing With The Stars alongside Chaka Khan and Paula Deen. 

the man @andygrammer be sure to vote for us!!! Link in bio (:

A photo posted by Hayes Grier (@hayesgrier) on

5. Naturally, teen girls keep tweeting their support for Will.
This might be one of the few things that a boy-obsessed teenage girl and her college-football-loving dad might actually be able to discuss. 

6. Sports bros, however, are really pissed and wondering how Grier could be so stupid. 

7. Jose Canseco has no part in this. 

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