Ten Facts That Will Make You Love Tyler Herro, the Newest Member of the Miami Heat

Tyler Herro
Tyler Herro Photo by Mike Lawrie / Getty Images
Meet Tyler Herro, the newest member of your Miami Heat: number 14 in your program, but soon number one in your heart. To say the reaction was mixed when the Heat selected Herro with the 13th overall selection in Thursday's NBA Draft would be an understatement — most Heat fans were disappointed, confused, and angry.

But it turns out he's your favorite Miami Heat player. You just don't know it yet. That's cool, though, because we're about to introduce you. Herro is more than a few stock college highlights and cookie-cutter press-conference sound bites. There's hard-hitting stuff, you know, like his favorite Thanksgiving food, or why he tells opponents he's "a bucket."

You know about the "drippy" Miami Vice-like suit he wore to the draft, but you're about to know a whole lot more about the Heat's newest future core piece to a championship team.

10. In high school, Tyler Herro was crowned Most Unforgettable. His senior quote was "Catch flights, not feelings." Herro was full of the same drip and swagger he has shown the public since the Heat drafted him back in high school. He made sure neither defenders nor feelings could touch him.

Also, he was unforgettable. Sounds like the dude was daggering. Google it.

9. His favorite player is fellow former Kentucky guard and current Phoenix Suns bucket-getter, Devin Booker.
Back in 2018, Herro spoke about his favorite player in an interview with USA Basketball. “A lot of people say that he and I have a lot of similar attributes, obviously being shooters. I watch his game and model mine after his. I like his style, and I like studying his game.” Herro said.

If Herro gets half as many buckets as his idol gets, the Heat got a steal at #13.

8. Tyler Herro has Thanksgiving food takes you should know about.
His favorite Turkey Day chow is stuffing, and his least favorite is gravy. He'll eat mashed potatoes, but you can keep the gravy. Oh, and his number-one pie is apple, but he's never had any other. HE'S NEVER HAD ANY OTHER PIE.

Herro is from Wisconsin, and he's only ever had apple pie. Miami may be a shock to the system.

7. He's a big sneakerhead, and Drake once DM'd him and sent him a pair. You know you're not just some college basketball player when Drake, noted Kentucky fan, slides into your DMs and asks for your address so he can shoot you over some shoes. Wait, isn't that an NCAA violation?

Oh, well. Too late now, NCAA! He's on the Miami Heat! Wheeeeeee.

6. Herro says he "has wiggles" and "is a dog," and his coach says he's "not just a white kid."  Kentucky assistant coach Kenny Payne explained to Kentucky Sports Radio last year that Herro calling himself a dog means a few things Herro may not want to say himself. “In my dictionary, it means an alpha," Payne said. "That I will fight you for everything you get. I’m not just a white kid that can shoot. I can play.”

Herro himself added about judging him purely on the color of his skin: “If you don’t look at my skin color and we just go play basketball, you’re not going to say I’m a white kid that can just shoot.”

5. Tyler Herro tells opponents "I'm a bucket" before he scores, and someone made a T-shirt.
 Do not come at Tyler Herro with that spicy trash talk or he will remind you he's a robotically engineered super-HERRO sent back in time to get buckets. All the buckets. So many buckets, he becomes a bucket.

During a game last season, Herro had a clip go viral in which he clearly tells an opponent at the foul line, "I'm a bucket." What do you even say to a guy when you're talking trash and his rebuttal is "Imma bucket"? Where do you go from there? "No, sir, you are not a bucket." Herro has you backed into a corner at that point. You're on your heels.

Tyler Herro is a bucket. Resistance is futile.

4. After Herro decommitted from Wisconsin, Badger fans were borderline criminal toward him.
Herro is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He committed to play for Wisconsin. Then Kentucky came calling. and he was like, "Just kidding!" and took that better job. As you can imagine, grown-ass men and women took this very well! They spray-painted his house, toilet-papered his trees, sent him letters wishing he would break his leg "like Gordon Hayward," and hoped a truck would hit him.

You know, normal stuff! Truly. This is absurd and next-level terribleness. If a Miami Hurricanes fan did these things to a recruit who flipped to Alabama, every year it would be on Dateline.

3. Tyler Herro once took a lie detector and admitted he is a chronic Instagram DMs-slider, and he may or may not have "sharted" his pants on occasion. This "lie detector" revealed everything you need to know about the Miami Heat's newest player — he'll slide into your Insta-DMs because he has that sweet, verified check mark, and he denies ever "shatting" his pants. The light went on, so it must be a lie.

At the end of this video, Tyler Herro cancels the entire test and reveals it was all a sham. You'll have to watch for yourself, but the quick thinking is a sure indication of why he's so slick on the court.

2. A year ago, Zion Williamson called Tyler Herro the "most underrated recruit in his class." At the time, recent first overall pick and new New Orleans Pelican Zion Williamson was headed to Duke. But before he got there, he participated in countless showcase camps with fellow highly sought-after players. One of those was Tyler Herro, and Williamson took notice. "[Herro's] a very smooth and skilled scorer. I feel like he has a nose for [scoring] sometimes." Williamson said.

If we're playing 3-D NBA chess here, keep this in your back pocket if Herro blows up, and Zion is a free agent one day. There is familiarity.

1. Herro grew up a Dwyane Wade fan and would most like to meet Michael Jordan. He grew up in Milwaukee, just down the street from Marquette, where Wade played college ball. Herro loved winning basketball teams, and when he was falling in love with basketball at age of 6, Wade and the Heat were winning their first NBA championship.

When asked whom he would most like to meet, dead or alive, Herro says Michael Jordan. With whom would he like to compete? That would be Phoenix Suns phenom Devin Booker.

Regardless, Tyler Herro owning a Wade jersey in 2006 was in his words "tough." He calls that jersey his first-ever "drippy" outfit. I think Heat fans may learn to love this guy. 
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