Erin and castmate Shana have secrets.
Erin and castmate Shana have secrets.
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Ten Reasons Erin Newberg Says You Should Watch VH1's Secrets of Aspen

If you think that no reality show is complete without an injection of the 305, this may be the night you start watching the latest reality fluff to hit VH1's Secrets of Aspen. The show premiered last week with a storyline that, though not the most exciting thing to be seen on TV last week, definitely has legs.

But tonight's episode starts with the arrival of Miami doll-about-town Erin Newberg, a former Paris Hilton BFF contender who is a bold name on both the social and the cultural scenes. You may not give a fugg about either circle or the people that spin in its orbit, but in case you need something spicy to watch tonight, Newberg has ten reasons for you to cut away from the Snapped marathon and watch her on Secrets of Aspen tonight at 10.

1. Because it's not Miami Social
2. Because I don't want to reveal my "secrets of Miami"
3. Lots of drama 
4. I'm one of a kind, hysterical 
5. My 'ass'tronomical outfits 
6. Because Charlie Sheen will stab me with a knife if you don't watch 
7. My infectious laugh 
8. What you see from me is what you get 
9. Get a glimpse of Aspen's beauty (ed's note: booty)
10. Because Tiger would....

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