Teen Who Flipped Off Judge Apologizes, Has Jail Term Vacated

Penelope Soto, the 18 year-old who became a viral sensation this week by flipping off a Miami-Dade judge, was back in court this morning to apologize for her behavior. In return, Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat vacated the 30 day contempt of court sentence he had ordered. 

"My behavior was very irrational, and I apologize not only to the court and you, but to my family," Soto told the judge.

Soto had originally been arrested when police  got a call about a woman who had fallen down. They discovered her standing next to a bike and crying with grass in her hair. Soto openly told police she was on Xanax and said she had more in her purse. 

During her arraignment she appeared smiling and irreverent. After originally placing her bond at $5,000, Rodriguez-Chomat called her back after she left court with a dismissive "adios." He hiked her bond to $10,000, and Soto flipped him off and told him to "fuck off." The judge then sentenced her to 30 days in jail on contempt of court charges. 

That sentence has been vacated and her bond was reset at $5,000. All charges will be dropped if Soto successfully completes a rehabilitation program. 

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