Jose D. Duran
Sidewalk on the corner of NW 28th Street and NW 6th Avenue.

StreetWorks - Sidewalk Art

Waking up early this morning to realize I had nothing for this week's StreetWorks meant I had to drag myself out of bed to find something to talk about. I hopped into my car and drove, once again, in the general direction of Wynwood. It never fails me, but I knew if I was going to make this interesting it had to be something unusual or spectacular.

Jose D. Duran

I opted for a safe bet, knowing that the side of the Margulies Collection had an impressive mural that one could barely see from I-95 along NW 6th Avenue. In trying to find parking as to not a) have my car obstruct the view of the mural, and b) not be in the way of the cars zooming along the surprisingly busy street, I turned at NW 28th Street and discovered the back of the building was also adorned with a mural that unfortunately had been disfigured thanks to other "artists" stopping by to add their own touches.

Jose D. Duran
Dolla sign.

As I stood there wondering what would be the best angle to take a snapshot, I looked down and realized the sidewalk was a mess. I originally thought it was just spilled paint and brushed it off as nothing but sloppy work. Honestly, all I could think about was getting back into bed. But then I took a closer look and realized some of the "mess" wasn't the result of a clumsy artist, some of it was intentionally done.

Jose D. Duran
Automatic weaponry and brass knuckles.

Machine guns, brass knuckles, dollar signs and junior high humor were painted on the concrete surface with just as much care as if they were being painted on an exposed wall. Like the artwork on utility poles that I had mentioned in a previous post, these were much more simply done than their mural counterparts and just as childish.

Jose D. Duran

Oh, and what about the murals? I'm saving that for next week.

- Jose D. Duran

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