Stand-Up Paddleboarders Will Get Ticketed for Not Wearing Life Jackets

Sup, bro? You totally into that crazy SUPing? You know, that stand-up paddleboarding? Well, the Conservation Commission Marine Patrol is about to cramp your style and issue a ticket if you decide to SUP in certain areas without a life jacket.

In 2008 the U.S. Coast Guard decided to classify paddleboards as vessels. According to the Palm Beach Post, anyone operating a vessel in areas that aren't designated for swimming, surfing, or bathing must be wearing a life vest. Operators must also have a whistle and, at night, a flashlight and a visual distress signal.

So a spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission tells the Post that it'll begin issuing warnings to paddleboarders who don't meet the requirements. Repeat offenders could face a fine of $90. The FWC's full requirements can be found here.

Technically, paddleboarders aren't required to wear a life jacket, but they must have it on board. And there's not really much room on a paddleboard for a life jacket unless you're wearing it. So, paddle boarders, get ready to accept those awkward tan lines.

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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