Space Jam 2 Starring LeBron James: A Humble Sequel Idea

Yesterday came news that LeBron James would be starring in his very first movie. It's a basketball comedy co-starring comedian Kevin Hart, and not, to the dismay of nostalgic millenials, the sequel to the Michael Jordan and Loney Tunes '90s classic Space Jam that the world deserves.

Dreams of a Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James have long floated out there in the internet. Even LeBron James himself has said he'd love to do it, but how would one actually do a sequel to Space Jam? Even with a new star it's kind of hard to make a movie about an NBA player helping the Looney Tunes out by playing a game of high stakes basketball presumably against a gang of evil aliens without it being almost exactly the same as the original.

Well, our fan fiction game isn't too strong, but we think we've got the perfect plot for LeBron's hypothetical Space Jamming, complete with its own sports movie cliché lesson. And we've decided, even though this may be the dumbest thing ever published in Riptide history, to share it with you.

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Kyle Munzenrieder