South Beach Tow: Tremont Towing Starring in Jennifer Lopez-Produced Reality Series

South Beach has played host to some of television's worst reality shows, but we can't imagine an hour of programming that will be more locally loathed than South Beach Tow. The show follows the family and employees behind Tremont Towing, the ruthless company that makes sure you'll never catch a break in South Beach's already infamously tricky parking situation and then holds your car for ransom for a few hundred dollars. It's coming to TruTV July 20, and it's all brought to you by executive producer Jennifer Lopez.

We're not sure what in hell the thought process was behind this. Everyone hates towing companies, and we can't think of a more despised company then Tremont. There's actually a "Tremont towing: we hate you" Facebook page.

That hate comes with good reason. Tremont employees were caught on video last year rummaging through impounded cars and walking off with people's personal property. Though Tremont denied any wrongdoing, the footage speaks for itself. Now that company is being rewarded with a basic-cable reality show and cast as heroes of sorts.

What's next for J. Lo's production company? A buddy comedy about drunk Miami Beach ATV cops? B-girls: The Series? Keeping Up With the Castros?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.