Snooki Tries to Strangle a Girl in VIP Room

Last season on the Jersey Shore, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi shockingly got punched in the face by a drunk guy at a bar. Now that Snooki is in Miami for season two it seems that she's the one who's got her dukes up. 

RadarOnline reports that last night Snooki and cohort Jenni "JWoww" Farley got in a physical altercation with a blonde woman in an unnamed club's VIP room. Apparently they aren't banned from all clubs in the city, but after this incident we really can't blame the clubs that have put them on the "not welcome" list. 

A blond girl repeatedly tried to enter the VIP, for whatever reason our darling little Snookums didn't like this. 

"Snooki just started swinging at the girl and then grabbed her neck," says Radar's source. "Snooki just kept calling her a whore."

"This blonde girl kept trying to get in and Snooki got really mad. That's when the fight broke out and Jenni jumped in and took the girl down."

Then two of the blond girl's friend jumped in and pulled JWoww's leg out from under her. We're assuming this was all caught on camera for "Jersey Shore 2: Whammy in Miami." 

Unfortunately Radar doesn't name which club, but we're dying to find out. Anyone know? 

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Kyle Munzenrieder