SNL's Miami Cop Sketch Was Perfect, Except for One Annoying Mistake

Justin Bieber's Miami Beach arrest was all anyone was talking about over the weekend, so it was fitting it became fodder for Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update. Kenan Thompson came out as Frank Medina, the officer who arrested the Biebs. There were some great jokes about Miami, but there was just one little detail that annoyed the hell out of us.

The sketch opens with anchor Cecily Strong asking if Thompson's "Medina" was shocked to find out he had pulled over Justin Bieber.

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"Oh, Cecily. I work in Miami. Nothing shocks me," Thompson replies. "When I pull somebody over, they usually got a tiger in the back seat and an alligator in the trunk to guard the cocaine. It's the only city in America were NBA players are the best-behaved people."

Chuckle. Chuckle. Chuckle.

But can you spot the one factual error that kind of irks us? You know, us, people who write about Miami-Dade cops and crime and all of that?

Look at Kenan's costume.

That's actually a pretty good copy of a City of Miami Police Department uniform. Those are either the authentic shoulder patches the officers wear or an exact replica. Considering SNL had less than 48 hours to not only write the sketch but also source the costume, that's pretty impressive.

In fact, we're sure the costume department was probably proud of that. So we almost feel like dicks for pointing this out:

Bieber wasn't arrested by City of Miami Police. He was arrested by Miami Beach Police. Which is a completely separate police department with its own distinct uniforms and patches -- patches that look like this:

It's so tiny and silly, but we kind of feel like we're doing a broader public service by informing the rest of the world that the area you know as "Miami" is, for reasons we don't even really understand, actually 34 distinct municipalities, many of which have their own police departments.

Let's not forget that Bieber himself was given the red-carpet treatment when he arrived at Opa-locka Airport by Opa-locka Police. Three officers were actually suspended because Bieber's police escort wasn't authorized by the chief.

But perhaps that put the thought in Bieber's mind that he'd be given special police treatment throughout his stay here in sunny South Florida. That's maybe why he seemed so surprised when he was pulled over by Miami Beach Police. Do you really think he comprehended the fact that Opa-locka PD is a different entity than Miami Beach PD? Hell, there are some people who live there who don't even really understand that.

Which, OK, doesn't really take away from the hilarity of the sketch, but we just want everyone to be clear.

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