Shaq's Bizarre Sex Tape and Kidnapping Scandal

LeBron James might be the most hated man in basketball, but at least he's not involved in a bizarre scandal involving gang members, robbery, kidnapping, and a sex tape. Can't say the same for Shaquille O'Neal. Los Angeles prosecutors are investigating a weird case allegedly centered on a tape showing the big man having sex with other women while married to his former wife Shaunie.

Shaq has not been charged with anything, but seven alleged Los Angeles street gang members are charged with kidnapping and robbing a man who claimed he had the Shaq sex tape (though prosecutors have not verified whether the tape exists).

Alleged victim Robert Ross, a former member of the L.A. gang, has testified that on the night of the 2008 Grammy Awards, the seven members of the Main Street Mafia Crips kidnapped him at gunpoint from his Rolls Royce Phantom on Sunset Boulevard.

They then took him to an apartment where they pistol-whipped him and stole his Rolex, diamond earrings, and cash. They also demanded that Ross turn over the sex tape.

Shaq has been interviewed by investigators, according to TMZ, but has not been charged with anything. Ross testified he was friendly with Shaq and tried to place a music group with Shaq's record label. Ross also claims Shaq was well aware he had the sex tape, and just to drive the point home, he also claimed he had an affair with Shaunie O'Neal shortly after she separated from Shaq.

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