Scott Storch is Not Canadian

It's been eight months since we dived headlong into hip-hop megaproducer Scott Storch's life and came up with this feature, but one thing continues to haunt us: The persistent misinformation that Storch was born in Canada. Even the Associated Press insists that it is so.

It is not. Storch was born in Long Island, New York. Please, people: for the love of God, believe us.

The belief that Storch is a Canuck seems to come from his Wikipedia page, which calls him a "Canadian record producer" and says he was "born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada".

It's not true. When we interviewed Joyce Yolanda Storch, Scott's mother, this was one of the first things she said: "That Scott was born in Canada is a fallacy. I don't know where the people on the internet got that. He thinks it's funny that everybody thinks he's Canadian."

If anybody would know where he was born, it would be his mom, right? Everybody we talked to who knows Storch well agree: He was not born in Canada. If you don't believe us, this is from an interview with Allhiphop.com:

To this day, 90% of the interviews that I read, it says that I'm from Canada. I've never been to Canada in my life. I'm from New York. I was born in Long Island. I've never been to no Canada. It's annoying when you read fake shit about yourself, you know? Its fuckin' weird, man.

But in 2008 came this nugget in an otherwise-excellent Associated Press article by reporter Evelyn McDonnell:

Born in Nova Scotia, Canada

What? No! Please don't source from Wikipedia, AP. Then we'll really be fucked.

Of course, when our own story came out, all anybody wanted to tell us was that we misidentified Storch's place of birth. Such comments continue to come in to this day:

Scott was born in Canada.
Nice article but he was born in Nova Scotia....seriously, you gotta check even your most basic facts bro.
Scott Storch was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA the son of a court reporter and a singer, both of Jewish heritage. He eventually moved to Sunrise, Florida, with his family.....WAKE UP CHILDREN

So a couple of days ago, we changed the Wikipedia entry ourselves to reflect the truth: That he is an American record producer who was born in Long Island, New York. Within 24 hours, another user-- damn you, Hydroboi!-- had changed it back.

It's time to stop the madness. Here's a list of five entities that are more Canadian than Scott Storch:

5. Canadian bacon

4. The late Leslie Nielsen

3. Free healthcare

2. Wayne Gretzky

1. NBC anchor Brian Williams, who is not even Canadian but seems like he could be, thus making him more Canadian than Scott Storch who seems about as American as it gets.

Seriously, if we have to request Storch's New York state birth certificate and post it up here, Obama vs. the birthers style, we will.

Ahem. One last time: Scott Storch is not Canadian.

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