Santana Moss' Miami Gardens Dry Cleaning Business Sued for $300K

A Miami business wants to take former Hurricanes star and current Washington Redskin player Santana Moss to the legal cleaners. The owners of a Miami Gardens shopping center claim that a dry cleaning business, operated by one of Moss's relatives and partially owned by the football star, owes almost $25,000 in back rent. In all, the shopping center is seeking more than $300,000.

Moss is listed as the president of 3 Kings Dry Cleaners in the Stadium Corners shopping center in Miami Gardens near Sun Life Stadium. His relatives, Lloyd Moss and Natalie Moss are also involved in the business.

Craig Bernstein, owner of the shopping center, claims that the business moved out of their location in the center a few months back, but had agreed to keep paying rent. Bernstein claims that the Mosses are now six months behind in rent payment, which totals $24,151.78.

"I'd love to work out a deal with them," Bernstein tells The Washington Post. "I'm from D.C., I'm a Redskins fan. But I really need to get paid the back rent. The agreement was to pay rent until release and they haven't been released. I still have to pay my mortgage."

Bernstein also indicated that Moss told him he would not be able to settle the matter until the NFL lockout is lifted.

Moss, a Miami-native, has played for the Redskin since 2005 but is slated to become a free agent as soon as the lockout is over.

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