Rudy Crew's Bark is Bigger Than His Bite

Rudy Crew

Last time on Miami's favorite soap opera, As The School Board Turns, Superintendent Rudy Crew, the diva villain of the show, snubbed a budget meeting.

Then he saw his narrow base of support from the board eroded when Larry Feldman shockingly beat incumbent Evelyn Greer in this week's election. Then board member Marta Perez found out that her evil twin was actually still alive and carrying on an affair with her husband. Not really, but last nights budget meeting did reach a whole new level of Twilight Zone.

While Perez was talking, Crew tried to interject. Perez wouldn't let him and kept repeating "I have the floor!". Crew yelled back: “Do not talk to me like a dog! Do not get in that habit! Ever in your life!”. Seriously, check out Local 10 for the video. It is insane.

Crew may not be a dog, but at this point his bark is bigger than his blather. When Feldman officially joins the board in December, it's likely the schoolmeisters will send Crew packing...if he hasn't already left by then.

In the meantime Rudy should keep his ego in check, and try to minimize any harm his tantrums could bring to the district. Remember Rudy, you're trying to provide the kids with a decent education, not act like them.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Kyle Munzenrieder