Report: 58.6 Percent of Floridians Will Be Obese By 2030

According to a new report, 58.6 percent of Florida adults could be obese by 2030. Not just packing a few extra pounds, not just overweight, but obese with a big, round, voluptuous capital "O." According to the Trust for America's Health annual "F as in Fat" report, if obesity trends continue on their current trajectory, Florida could see one of the most dramatic rises in obesity over the next two decades.

Currently 26.6 percent of Florida adults are considered obese. That makes us just the 32nd most obese state in the nation.

"If obesity rates continue on their current trajectories, by 2030, the obesity rate in Florida could reach 58.6 percent," warns the report.

Assuming other states stay on the same trajectory as well, that would make Florida the 18th most obese state in 2030. Which means we're getting fatter faster than a lot of other states.

Obesity is defined by having a body mass index over 30. For instance, a 6'0 person who weights more than 220 pounds would be considered obese (though, the BMI is thrown off a bit by body builder types).

Florida could have a lot to gain if it lost a little bit of weight. If the average BMI in the state was reduced by 5 percent, the report estimates Florida could save about $34 billion in health care costs by 2030. Yes, billion with a "B." The reports breaks it down like this:

  • 501,976 people could be spared from type 2 diabetes,

  • 465,385 from coronary heart disease and stroke,

  • 401,924 from hypertension,

  • 218,399 from arthritis, and

  • 43,451 from obesity-related cancer.

In case you're wondering, Mississippi is ranked as Americas current and future obesity champion; 34.9 percent of Mississippians are obese, and that could rise to 66.7 percent in 2030. Colorado, meanwhile, is currently the thinnest state and is projected to stay that way. Only 20.7 percent of Coloradans are obese, with that rate projected reach to 44.8 percent by 2030.


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