Raymond Herisse IDed as Man Shot By Police During Urban Beach Weekend; Over 100 Shots Fired By Police

Twenty-two-year-old Raymond Herisse has been identified as the man shot and killed by police during an early morning Memorial Day weekend incident in the streets of Miami Beach, according to CBS4's Jim DeFede. Herisse had a long criminal history and had been arrested numerous times before in Palm Beach and Broward counties, although none of the incidents involved violence. Twelve police officers have been put on administrative leave for discharging their weapons, and more than 100 shots were fired at Herisse. The Miami Herald confirms that no weapon was found in the car or on Herisse. Updated. 

Police say the incident started when Herisse tried to hit several police officers with his car.

"From the initial stop, there was an attempt to strike an officer with his vehicle and there was an attempt later on on Collins Avenue to strike two other officers that I'm aware off, at approximately 15th and Collins, and there was an attempt to strike two officers on bicycles somewhere down the 1300 block of Collins Avenue," Miami Beach Police Chief Carlos Noriega tells DeFede. "So to the best of my knowledge at this point, a total of five officers were almost struck by this individual."

In response, 12 different police officers fired more than 100 shots into Herisse's car. Eight Miami Beach and four Hialeah officers were involved in the incident. All have been put on administrative leave, as is normal policy.

Police are not confirming whether or not the four innocent bystanders were shot by police gunfire. 

Police have also not been able to confirm that Herisse had other passengers in the car who may have had firearms at any point during the incident. No evidence seems to suggest that those rumors are true.

Herisse has a long criminal history, and has served time in prison, though none of those arrests seem to involve violence. Herisse's previous charges have included possession of cocaine and hydrocodone, driving without a license, failure to appear in court, loitering and giving a false name to a police officer.

Update 1: Police say after a search of Herisse's car a firearm was found in a remote part of the vehicle. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder