QAnon Believers Think the President Wants to Hire Broward's QAnon Cop
Vice President Mike Pence

QAnon Believers Think the President Wants to Hire Broward's QAnon Cop

Like all great conspiracy theorists,  QAnon believers hang on to their ideas whether or not there's a shred of evidence. QAnon is the hilariously false theory that Donald Trump is secretly fighting a war within the government to arrest high-level Democratic pedophiles, and that a top Trump operative known as "Q" is communicating anonymously with the public by posting cryptic, hard-to-decipher streams of code words and random dates online. In reality, someone is clearly conning some very stupid people.

One of those people is Broward Sheriff's Office Sgt. Matt Patten. Patten was assigned to accompany Vice President Mike Pence at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport last Friday for a weekend trip to South Florida. RightWingWatch reporter Jared Holt noticed that Patten wore a QAnon "Question the Narrative" patch on his uniform, and Patten was subsequently kicked off the SWAT unit and BSO terrorism-investigation force.

Q followers online are taking the news about as calmly and sanely as expected. A not-insignificant number of Q-fans across multiple social-media platforms seem to think Q either predicted this controversy or that the Trump operative is now trying to contact Patten to offer him a job with the U.S. Secret Service. His ostensible task: to hunt down evil Democratic criminals and perverts. (None of these people seems concerned that the President has been repeatedly accused of sexual assault, has bragged on tape about groping women, has been accused of creeping on underage girls, and was good friends with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, but we digress.)

A lot of this appears to have started when an account that purportedly belonged to Patten's wife, Claire, posted online about her husband. Several Q believers have replied to Patten that Q has somehow invited him to join the federal government. Someone claiming to be Q posted on Monday, just after New Times broke the news of Patten's demotion, with links to open jobs with the Secret Service and FBI.

"If you decide to change careers..." the post began, "your name has been entered to be fast-tracked."

The post didn't mention Patten by name, but scores are somehow convinced that Q is now trying to get Patten hired by the Trump administration to do some pedophile-hunting. This is honestly just a small sampling of all the posts out there linking Patten and Q:

It's all but certain that whoever is actually running the Q account is just trolling some poor, gullible people. Q is often hilariously wrong about stuff — the account, for example, claimed Hillary Clinton was going to get arrested in October 2017. That obviously did not occur. Yesterday was also supposed to be a major day for QAnon fans, who assumed that December 5, or "D5," would be the day Trump rounded up powerful Democrats and jailed them. None of that happened, because QAnon is not real. But the conspiracy continues unabated. (Moreover, NBC News has traced the origins of QAnon to a few online grifters on YouTube, 4Chan, and other online websites, rather than any high-level government operatives.)

Let us now pour one for the poor, poor Broward QAnon cop, who we imagine is eagerly sitting by his phone, waiting to hear back about his job application to work as Donald Trump's chief evil liberal hunter. 

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