Posada Carriles Star of New Film

A new documentary, "Posada Carriles: Terrorism Made in USA," recounts the exploits of Miami's most infamous elderly militant Cuban exile, who as recently as 2000 was caught trying to kill Fidel Castro in Panama.

The Committee to Free the Cuban Five has organized showings of the film, though as of yet none are scheduled for Miami. The documentary is directed by a Venezuelan named Angel Palacios, and produced by Telesur, the South American news network initiated by Hugo Chavez and run by Andres Izarra, his former minister of communication.

It is only one of 48 planned chapters of a Telesur-produced documentary series called "InjerenCIA" which purports to tell "stories that expose the tentacles of a Silent Invasion" -- the one perpetuated by the U.S. government of course.

Other chapters include "The CIA Against the Bolivarian Revolution," which features on its cover a picture of Chavez in a cowboy hat, embracing a peasant, juxtaposed with a snarling George W. Bush; "Spy Satellites;" "Psychological Operations in Latin America;" "Operation Condor;" and "The Empire Against Human Rights." -- Emily Witt

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