Pink Pony Strip Club Closed After Father Takes Teen Girls to Do Drugs and Dance

A Doral strip club has been temporarily shut down by authorities after a Hialeah man tried some unconventional father-daughter bonding there. Hialeah Police say Jose Manuel Arguelles, 59, took his 16-year-old daughter and her teenage friend to the Pink Pony gentlemen's club and allowed the two girls to drink, smoke marijuana, snort cocaine, and then dance onstage. After learning of the Hialeah Police investigation, Doral officials issued an emergency close order to the club. 

According to CBS Miami, the investigation was sparked when the mother of the other girl saw video of her daughter dancing onstage with a stripper. 

"There’s drugs involved. There’s minors. My daughter is only 16,and his daughter is 16, so we had no idea this man would be capable of bringing his own daughter there,” she told the station. 

The mother alerted police, and her daughter told Hialeah PD that Arguelles had taken the girls there several times and that she had seen Arguelles give his daughter drugs and alcohol on several occasions. 

Arguelles was arrested Tuesday on charges of child neglect, allowing a child under 18 to do cocaine and smoke marijuana, and eight counts of sexual performance by a child to promote sex. He's being held at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on a $45,000 bond. Arguelles' attorney, however, tells the Miami Herald that he doesn't believe the charges of promoting sexual performances by a child will stick because all his client did was allow the girls to dance on a stripper pole. 

“This is just one of those cases where nobody read the statute,” attorney Chris Mancini told the paper

Doral code-compliance officers raided the Pink Pony Tuesday night and ordered that the club close its doors. The owners now have a week to bring their case before a magistrate to reopen the club. 

According to the club's Twitter account, the raid went down in the middle of "Tasteful Tuesday." 
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Kyle Munzenrieder