Perez Hilton Is So Not a Gay Role Model

Bitchy celebrity blogger Perez Hilton made a name for himself drawing cocaine boogers on photos of movie stars. That, and spreading hateful -- OK, kind of hilarious -- morsels of Hollywood gossip. So, what in hell is he doing on the August cover of The Advocate?


That's what readers of the oldest and most respected LGBT magazine in the nation want to know. Lots of 'em. Editor Jon Barret received so much negative feedback about it, he recently issued this response: "We thought readers would benefit from getting a closer look at who Perez Hilton really is."

Johnny from New York isn't buying it. On Advocate.com, he writes, "Perez Hilton is a self-involved bigot who congratulates himself for using anti-gay slurs instead of anti-black ones... You have given him great promotion. In his world, the only bad press is no press. Get a new editor."

Another opinionated gay fellow, from Fort Smith, Arizona, is even less polite: "He is vile, he is cheap, he is tawdry. We do not accept him. We wish him the vile demise he deserves, and now, [your] flea-invested magazine is tainted as it should be. You are stupid."

The comments go on and on. (Check out New Times' awesomely local Perez story here.)

Last week, Advocate.com asked readers in a poll if the queen of slander is "an appropriate spokesman for marriage equality and other gay rights issues." Only 3 percent said yes; 93 percent said no. Yet the story garnered hundreds of comments.

Which means everybody on the planet officially hate-loves Perez Hilton.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.