Parkview Point Condo Manager Busted for Organized Fraud

This past May, the New York Times quoted the property manager of Parkview Point Condo in Miami Beach. Rosa M. Rodriguez, age 60, told a sad story about being broke. The units around her were foreclosing, Rosa said, and she had to pay for the damages.

She explained to the Times reporter that she dislikes answering visitors' questions about crumbling ceilings at Parkview. "We're not going to tell them we don't have any money," she said. "That's embarrassing."

Well, the condo board might have been broke, but Rosa sure wasn't. According to Miami Beach police, she embezzled more than $50,000 from the elderly owners of units in the building. She was arrested and charged with organized fraud and first degree theft this past June. Miami media never reported it.

Says 55-year-old Parkview resident Tina Koperwas: "She cleaned out my mother's bank account."

Before the arrest, Tina called the police on Rosa several times. Now she says Rosa's "left hand man" - the new property manager - is retaliating against her.

The manager has denied her sick mother a handicapped parking spot, she claims. And he's making it impossible to get her mail. "They're discriminating against us," she says.

Parkview Manager Felix Count says she's nuts. "Nobody has done anything to her. Nobody has done anything to her mother...I don't know why she's saying this. She wants attention. There's no correlation between her and the Rosa situation."

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Natalie O'Neill
Contact: Natalie O'Neill