Narcy Novack Gets Life in Prison for Killing Fontainebleau Heirs

Narcy Novack will spend the rest of her life in prison after being found guilty of hiring men to kill her husband, Ben Novack Jr., and her mother-in-law Bernice Novack. The victims were the son and widow on Ben Novack, the man who built Miami Beach's famed Fontainebleau resort.

The sentencing this morning caps a bizarre crime drama involving an alleged affair with a porn actress, fears over inheritance and an extensive Batman memorabilia collection.

Narcy had learned that Ben, a Batman obsessed scion, was carrying on an affair with Rebecca Bliss, a former prostitute and fetish porn actress. She offered Bliss $10,000 to end the affair, but grew worried that her husband may file for divorce and that their prenuptial agreement would preclude her from millions of dollars.

So Narcy enlisted her brother to recruit a gang of thugs to kill both Ben and her mother.

Narcy let the criminals into a Rye Brook, New York, hotel room where Ben was staying in 2009. The men beat Ben with barbells, bound his hands and feet in tape, and, on Narcy's orders cut his eyeballs out.

Bernice, 86, had been found dead two months prior in her Fort Lauderdale home. Authorities originally thought she had slipped and fell, but later concluded that she had been beaten to death with a plumber's wrench.

Narcy never testified throughout the trial, and did not appear today as the judge handed down the life sentence.

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