Naked Woman Covered in Ketchup Is Schizophrenic and Bipolar, Family Says

On October 9, Angelic Valle, topless and laughing, strutted into the Johnny Rockets on Ocean Drive. Video posted on World Star Hip Hop shows a group of men huddled around the 22-year-old from Kendall, egging her on and dousing her in water and ketchup. In the month since the incident, the video has gone viral — viewed more than a million times on the site — and Valle has been arrested, charged with causing hundreds of dollars' worth of damage at the restaurant.

But Valle wasn't drunk or high during the incident, as countless web commenters have speculated. Accorder to her father, Valle suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and has been Baker Acted at least ten times. Jose Valle says the Johnny Rockets episode is the latest fallout as doctors search for a proper medication mix.

“She is paranoid and has delusions that everyone is after her and that she needs to protect herself,” Jose Valle says. “The day after the incident, she had a breakdown and started acting out aggressively. We had to call police and have her Baker Acted.”

Three weeks later, last Thursday, Angelic Valle was arrested on charges of indecent exposure, lewd and lascivious behavior, and disorderly conduct. She remains in jail. Her father says that he has been unable to visit or speak with her and that he’s been able to confirm only that she’s alive.

Jose Valle is concerned that the jail might not be equipped to treat her mental illness or be able to provide her with the right medication.

“I just hope she’s safe and getting the proper help she needs,” Valle says. “As of right now, she’s on at least three different medications.”

As for how she ended up naked and dancing at Johnny Rockets, Jose Valle says his daughter went to Miami Beach by herself that day to sunbathe and relax. He doesn't know how the incident began but says inciting others is a symptom of her paranoia.

In the video, Jose Valle says, he recognizes the glassy, dead-on stare she's making. Even though the family hasn't received an official diagnosis, he believes his daughter also suffers from multiple personality disorder.

“When she came home that evening, she started talking like a baby and not making any sense,” Valle says. “The next day, she was aggressive. She had this x-ray-vision stare that could a burn hole through you. She wasn’t blinking and started throwing bricks.”

Before Angelic Valle was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder 18 months ago, she was very energetic and kind, her father says. She would spend her afternoons riding her bike around their West Kendall neighborhood. She was taking classes and hoped to one day become a nurse. Angelic’s younger sister was her best friend. But since her downward spiral into mental illness, her father says, she’s been unable to hold down a job, go to class, or even trust her family members. 

“She believes people are spying on her through her phone and laptop. She says people text her saying they’re going to hurt her,” Jose Valle explains. A few months ago, he bought his daughter a laptop for school, but it soon went missing. She later admitted to throwing it into a lake. 

Now, her father says Johnny Rockets is holding the family responsible for the damages. He points out in the video that it’s the onlookers, not his daughter, who are breaking the tables and glasses.

He also believes that the men who filmed the video were exploiting his daughter’s mental illness and that the Miami Beach Police Department was pressured by Ocean Drive business owners to make an arrest as part of their campaign to clean up Ocean Drive.

“She was clearly not in her proper mind,” he says, “but maybe now she can get the help she needs.”
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