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Mugshots Friday: Dented Heads, Bandanna Tattoos and Weird Beards

Welcome to our first-ever Mugshots Friday -- a collection of the craziest Miami-Dade County booking photos from the previous week. We're going back two weeks just this time. And whoo, boy do we have a strong inaugural class.

Arrested: 11/09/10
Charged With: Carrying a concealed weapon.
This photo is not altered.

Arrested: 11/09/10
Charged with: Solicitation of a prostitute
Neither is this one. Okay, what the fuck is going on with dudes' heads in Miami-Dade? (P.S. Yes, this photo is real. Click here for more mugshots of the same man.)

Arrested: 11/09/10
Charged with: Fugitive, out of state warrant
Hmm, how do you think cops identified him? Maybe because HE'S THE ONLY MAN IN THE COUNTRY WITH A BANDANA TATTOOED ON HIS FOREHEAD.

Arrested: 11/05/10
Charged with: Failure to obey police officer
She's in a gang. They walk the mall at seven in the morning and then microwave scrambled eggs from yesterday. It's harrowing.

Arrested: 11/13/10
Charged with: Driving under the influence
Thank god the Men in Black finally caught this guy.

Arrested: 11/13/10
Charged with: Battery
Yes, she looks like Michael Jackson. But is anybody else still thinking about that guy with the flattened head?

Arrested: 11/08/10
Charged with: Aggravated battery
Oy vey! There, we said it.

Arrested: 11/10/10
Charged with: Disorderly intoxication, resisting an officer
Maybe this guy ate the top half of that other guy's head?

Arrested: 11/03/10
Charged with: Possession of a firearm, intent to sell cocaine
Whoa it's like the rapper W.C.'s beard on LL Cool J's steroids.

Arrested: 11/10/10
Charged with: Fraud, forgery, grand theft auto
In certain criminal circles, the mullet lives on.

Arrested: 11/12/10
Charged with: Aggravated assault and battery on a person over 65
"Stay Focus" and "King of Kings". When do you think was the last time this guy had a job?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.