Monopoly Goes Modern With a Social Media Game and Attacks on MySpace

OK, so the folks at Hasbro have created a lot of Monopoly games -- and we mean a lot. But they might have missed the boat, because someone else has come up with the genius idea for Social Media Monopoly.

Right now, it's just a bunch of images and simulations of what the board game should look like, but it's an obvious hierarchy of the best (and worst) social media has to offer.

MySpace is slotted as the Jail space, which we think is an obvious
stab at how the once mighty have fallen, and losing your reputation is now viewed as more damaging than actually entering prison. Wikipedia is the Free Parking
space, and instead of passing Go, players pass Free Wi-Fi.

Any real social media fan will smirk at the social media greats on the
board, among them Mashable and Technorati (replacing Chance and
Community Chest), and heavy hitters such as Facebook and Twitter being the
obvious replacements for Boardwalk and Park Place.

Take a look at the game board and "sample cards" from Mashable and Technorati below. Do you think they missed any social media bigwigs?

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