Miami's Rainy Season is Officially Here, National Weather Service Confirms

Meteorologists at the National Weather Service have confirmed what your often used umbrella and wet shoes already knew: it's officially rainy season in South Florida, and it has been since last Tuesday. Uh, thanks for the heads up science.

Mother Nature seemed to be impatient this year however, since the start of rainy season started about 12 days earlier than normal.

"The daily cycle of showers and thunderstorms which defines the South Florida rainy season has begun

earlier than normal this year," reads a statement from that NWS. "This year's rainy season started on Tuesday, May 8


which is almost two

weeks earlier than the median start date of May 20


and the earliest start since 2003."

While the rest of the State had seen a dryer than normal dry season, the Miami area actually saw a wetter than normal dry season. ;Between October 20, 2011 and May 7, 2012 the county saw 22.95 inches of rain. That's 3.89 inches more than normal. Broward and Palm Beach in contrast saw more than four inches less than normal this season.

Miami Beach in particularly saw 12.52 more inches of rain during the period.

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