Miami's Dirty Dozen 2009

Introducing 2009's top 12 kings and queens of bad press:

Dwyane Wade hooked up with very bad business partners. Now his Heat contract is about to run out, so he might just skip town.

• Two Miami city commissioners. Two arrests. Angel Gonzalez quit after using his position to arrange a make-work job for his daughter. And newly re-elected Michelle Spence-Jones was suspended after allegedly stealing $50,000 in grant money.

• Famed pop artist Romero Britto was popped for DUI while driving his Bentley on Washington Avenue at 3 a.m. Just a few blocks away and a few months later, his really ugly sculpture went up.

• ShamWow pitch guy Vince Shlomi was accused of beating a 26-year-old hooker at the Setai after paying $1,000 for sex and then getting his tongue bitten.

Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian started a silly reality TV show, and then Khloé married former Heat player Lamar Odom. Can the sisters just leave?

• Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross turned the team into a laughingstock by allowing Jimmy Buffett to name the stadium Land Shark and adding celebrity owners such as Marc Anthony and Serena and Venus Williams.

Click here for the full Dirty Dozen illustration.

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