Miamians Have the Most Sex in America, According to Trojan Condom Survey

Either you're too busy staining your sheets with sweat and other bodily fluids to read this right now, or your secret suspicions that everyone else in town is constantly getting laid are about to be confirmed. According to a Trojan Condoms survey, Miami is America's sex capital. We rate first not only in sexual satisfaction but also in the number of times we get busy each year.

Of course, this is a marketing-driven survey, and only Trojan's top ten markets were polled, but the results are interesting.

Seventy-three percent of Miamians say they're sexually satisfied, and on average we have sex 177 times a year. That means we're having sex just about every other day. Granted, if we're all shagging that much, it follows that we're all pretty damn satisfied about it.

But seriously, sex every other day? Either all of my single friends are lying about not having been laid since Lindsay Lohan was a functional member of society, or Miami couples hump three times a day to bring that average way up.

Miamians also rank second for number of lifetime sexual partners, with 24 apiece, only one behind New Yorkers and Atlantans, who boast 25 bedroom buddies. Miamians also think about sex ten times a day, behind only Los Angelinos, who have dirty thoughts 13 times daily. Sixty-eight percent of Miamians also say they're sexually adventuresome, behind only Atlanta, with 71 percent.

[via HuffPo]

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