Miamian With Half a Beard Went to Jail on 4/20 for Selling Weed

Update 4/26:  Miami Beach Police released an incident report on Gibson's arrest.  He was spotted drinking from a Heineken bottle in public, police say, and found with more than 70 grams of marijuana in separate baggies. 

Kevin Gibson has just half a beard. He also had a full stash of marijuana with an intent to sell, police say.

The combination of those two factors — plus the fact that Gibson spent the stoner holiday 4/20 in jail for his alleged misdeeds — means the 58-year-old Miamian has given birth to the latest viral South Florida booking photo

Details are still scant on Gibson's exact crimes. Court records show he was arrested just before 8 p.m. last Tuesday and charged with drinking in public, possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana, and intent to sell.

A Miami Police Department spokesperson tells New Times that Gibson was arrested in Miami Beach; MBPD has yet to send an arrest report, but we'll update this post when those details are available.

This much is clear: By the time Gibson was processed at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, only the left half of his bushy white beard remained. Whether through intentional fashion choice, an ill-timed barbershop fire, or a roving band of pranksters with razors, Gibson's facial hair is perfectly split down the middle.    

Court records show this is far from Gibson's first stint in the local prison system. He's been charged dozens of times with crimes dating back to the mid-'70s, often for drinking in public, loitering, or possessing marijuana. Just look at this snapshot of his booking sheet. There are about ten pages' worth of charges like this: 

Gibson has faced plenty of serious felony charges along the way, from assault with intent to murder in 1975 to grand larceny in '77 to aggravated battery in '87.

More recently, he was charged in 2006 with felony sexual battery, false imprisonment, and burglary, but those charges were later dropped, and another felony battery case in 2012 was reduced to a lesser charge.

Regarding his latest case, his bond has been set at $5,000. He remains at Turner Guilford Knight.

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Update 4/26: According to police, Gibson was initially arrested for drinking in public but found to have marijuana packaged for individual sale on his body. 

An officer on patrol says he spotted Gibson drinking from a 22-ounce Heineken bottle and then tucking it inside his jacket when he saw police arriving. When he was booked, police found "seven clear plastic baggies containing marijuana with a total weight of 71.4 grams," according to the report. 

Gibson also had a bench warrant out from an earlier arrest. 

In between his  many arrests — and before shaving half his beard — Gibson also starred in some rap videos on South Beach: 

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