Miami Ranked Sixth Most Stressed City

Miami is a popular travel destination for those looking to let loose of stress -- what, with our beaches, dance clubs, and plentiful cocktails. But apparently locals need some de-stressers a lot more than most tourists. According to the latest listicle, Miami is the sixth most stressed city in America. explains its methodology like this:

To pinpoint the most stressed-out cities, we measured the country's largest metropolitan areas on six metrics that can either cause or be caused by stress: high unemployment, long commute times, long work hours, limited access to health care, poor physical health and a lack of exercise
Here's where Miami came in on each of those metrics:
High Unemployment Rank: 6

Long Commute Times Rank: 13

Long Working Hours Rank: 12

Limited Health Care Rank: 10

Poor Physical Health Rank: 25

Limited Exercise Rank: 4

So next time your boss says you're BSing when you complain about stress, you have the power of listicle science to back you up.

Oddly though, the Miami area isn't even the most stressed in the sunshine state. That honor went to Tampa, who came in fourth over all. The most stressed city in America: Las Vegas. I guess having to explain to your wife why, for the fourth time this year, you lost the kids' college fund in a poker game isn't exactly a relaxing activity.

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Kyle Munzenrieder