Miami New Times Sex Survey results are in!

Just how horny are Miamians? How often do they do it? With whom do they do it? How do they do it? Where do they do it?

Three months ago, Miami New Times set out to answer those penetrating questions. We conducted a poll that drew more than 2,000 participants. Then we interviewed a porn-star-cum-CNN-correspondent, visited an "executive motel," and scoped out the top spots for outdoor sex.

Our key findings: Miamians are either the horniest, sluttiest lot on the planet or one heck of a boastful bunch. First a caveat — 85 percent of the respondents were under 42 years of age, and two-thirds were male. More than half were Latino.

Of the 2,033 respondents, almost half, 43 percent, have been involved in a threesome. Almost a quarter of them claim more than 30 sexual partners, two-thirds have done it with a complete stranger, and a quarter have hired a prostitute. Nearly two-thirds said they have sex at least twice a week, and about 70 percent think about it "many times throughout the day." More than 90 percent do something about it and masturbate, a third of them every day.

See the complete results of the Miami New Times Sex Survey.

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