Miami Is America's Top Market for Luxury Cars

Miami's overall economy may still be in recovery mode, but that doesn't mean we're scrimping when it comes to our cars. Luxury cars and trucks make up a higher percentage of the Miami area's overall auto sales than in any other market in the country.

According to Miami Today, figures from Dominion Enterprises, a company that tracks auto sales figures, luxury sales accounted for seven percent of overall sales in Miami in March. That's higher than any other major market. In Los Angeles, for example, only 5.9 percent of their car sales were for luxury cars.

Miami's luxury auto sales are also growing. We bought 9,834 fancy cars between January and March. That's up from 8,402 during the same quarter last year.

So what fancy cars are we buying? German mostly. Mercedes-Benz, BWM, Audi and Porsche produced six of the top ten best selling luxury cars in the area and seven of the top ten luxury SUVs. The Mercedes-Benz 250 was the overall best selling luxury car. Though, cars from Lexus and Cadillac also made the list. (In comparison, Japanese cars are the top selling cars in Miami across all markets).

Though, when it comes to the super high-end market, Miamians prefer Italian. Fifty-five Ferraris were sold in Miami during the first quarter of 2013, followed by 45 Maserati Granturismos.

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