Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers: That's Nine Wins, Baby

The Miami Heat squeezed past an awful Philadelphia 76ers team last night in a win that can only be described as "Eleanor Rooseveltian." But as unsightly as it may have been, a win is a win. Last night's 99-95 victory was Miami's ninth in a row. That makes nine straight wins and 10 games over .500, which the Heat haven't done since the 2005-06 season.

Dwyane Wade did his part. He led all scorers with 22 points, including 6-straight at crunch time. With the game on the line in the final seconds, D-Wade did his usual: missed some free throws and made some free throws, just to screw with us. Then he stopped with the foolishness and took over the game. With 48 seconds left and the game tied at 95, D-Wade drew a critical foul and, on his way to the free-throw line, managed to straighten 76ers head coach Eddie Jordan's tie. "He's one of them coaches that likes to look good," Wade told reporters afterward. "So I hooked him up." Dwayne Wade does it all!

But the key to victory came with five seconds left, when Udonis Haslem drew

a charge on Jrue Holiday, thus negating Philly's game-tying basket.

Erik Spoelstra called it the play of the game. Udonis probably just

wanted to stop Holiday before the game ended to ask him why on earth his

parents would name him Jrue.

Of course Milwaukee also won last night, thus they keep their

monkey-fisted death grip on the number 5 seed in the East. The Heat

remain ensconced in the 6th spot, but their ninth-straight win keeps

them on Milwaukee's heels with only four games left to play.

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Chris Joseph