Miami-Dade Police Investigating Insane Video of Woman Firing Gun, Abducting Kid From Flea Market
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Miami-Dade Police Investigating Insane Video of Woman Firing Gun, Abducting Kid From Flea Market

A few seconds after storming into a flea-market parking lot with a handgun, firing that gun into a car carrying her child, and then grabbing her son and speeding away, the woman with bright-green hair suddenly realizes she perhaps shouldn't have let her friend film the whole insane encounter on her phone.

"Yo, don't put that shit on Instagram, girl," she says breathlessly.

Her friend apparently didn't heed that warning, because the video ended up on the internet, where it's now been viewed more than a million times in a viral Twitter post. The real question is whether the confrontation is authentic or fake — and now Miami-Dade Police are investigating to try to find the answer.

"We're looking into it. We've referred the video to homicide detectives, who are investigating now," says Chris Thomas, a spokesperson for MDPD. "We're not sure if it's a real video or not, but we're looking into it."

Police are right to be cautious about the veracity of the footage, which was clearly shot at Flea Market USA, located at 3015 NW 79th St. If the whole video is a stunt, it wouldn't be the dumbest publicity-seeking outburst posted on Twitter. But because a child was involved, it's not impossible that even a fake abduction could lead to real charges.

At the beginning of the video, the green-maned woman speeds in a Hyundai toward the flea market while muttering she's just gotten word her son's father is there with another woman — and her son.

"I'm gonna kill this n****!" the woman yells as she pulls into the lot.

A man in the car pleads and raises his hands as the woman, wielding a gun, runs toward him and then fires into the car. Moments later, she pulls a young boy from the back seat, throws him into her car, and speeds away.

It's not clear when the woman's friend decided against heeding her warning and posted the video online, but it has since gone viral via a tweet from @letmepopmyshit3, who posted it Thursday afternoon.

Either way, it hasn't been a great couple of months for Flea Market USA. The business made local TV news in August when armed men brazenly attacked employees and smashed glass display cases to make off with about $750,000 worth of jewelry from a vendor at the market. 

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