MegaTV Gets Univision's Disgraced Leftovers

Fernando del Rincón used to have a good gig on Univision's Primer Impacto, anchoring alongside his wife, Carmen Dominicci. Then things took a turn toward the telenovela. The pair split. Rincón had allegedly had an affair, and then Dominicci publically accused him of abuse. Univision fired her, while keeping an alleged wife beater on-air, but a week later, the station fired him too. 

For the record, Rincón says there was no abuse -- his wife just really needed to find that dildo. (Scroll through these Hissip posts if you need to get caught up.)

Anyway, local station and mini-competitor MegaTV has swooped in to save Rincón's career, offering him a hosting gig on Paparazzi TV Sensacional. It's like their hit show Paparazzi TV, but más sensacional!

MegaTV's announcement doesn't make any reference to Rincón's personal struggles but does offer this: "As a journalist turned television host, Fernando is also considered one

of Mexico and the United States of America's most respected political

analysts." Those credentials are perfect for someone hosting a program about celebrity news and weird crimes.

The show will air every weekday at 7 p.m. beginning April 13.

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